27 Aug 2016

CU Innovation Hub had set the Seed of Innovation course for 4 weeks during August 27 September 17, 2016. The participants were separated into 4 groups; all groups got the knowledge in the area of creativity, design and preparing to present their innovation project plans. The lecturers in this course are consist of   Dr. Preechaya Sitipunt, the lecturer in Faculty of Architecture,Chulalongkorn University and  Mr. Nick Pisalyabut, Sasin Business School Lecturer.

            This course will train the participant to know the important to pose a question to their own innovations. It also be the first step of the creativity, starting to be the Entrepreneur, creating the Financial Model and making valuation for the business. Moreover, this course makes some workshop activities for helping the participant to presenting their creative ideas and helping them to use their ideas to cumulate as the innovation by taking the professional in business area. The professionals are Mr. Ruengroj (Krating) Poonpol, MR.Surasit Sachdev Co-Founder of Hungry Hub, Mr. Pawoot Pongvitayapanu, Founder and Managing Director of tarad.com and Mr. Kaweewut Temphuwapat, Founder and CEO of Dream & Deadline and Analyst, Portfolio Management at PTTEP.

            Two of Eight applicant groups who attended in this class had been chosen by the Qualified Committees to got Seed Fund Scholarship (100,000 Baht per one scholarship). The RichX group is the group which create Online Platform for finding job easily in elder and Plant-D group has the innovation idea to grow organic vegetable in social for responding the need of city man.